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Top Detaylı Choker Kolye

Top Detaylı Choker Kolye

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IRVA Ball Choker Necklace


Ball Choker Necklace is a choker necklace model made of stainless steel and available in gold or silver color options. It attracts attention with its elegant design and minimalist style. Both gold and silver color options suit different styles and combinations. This necklace is a stylish and elegant accessory that appeals to all ages and styles.

Product Name: Ball Choker Necklace
Material: Stainless steel
Design: Choker necklace with ball detail
Color Options: Gold, silver
Suitability: Suitable for all ages and all styles
Usage Area: Daily use, special events
Durability: Stainless steel material, long-lasting use
Size: Standard size
Maintenance: Can be cleaned by wiping with a clean and dry cloth
Ball Choker Necklace is a choker necklace model that attracts attention with its minimalist design and stylish details. Gold or silver color options offer users a wide range of styles. This necklace will complement your everyday style and always make you look elegant.

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