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VC Siyah Yonca Kolye

VC Siyah Yonca Kolye

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IRVA VC Black Necklace


VC Black Necklace is a gold-plated necklace model made of stainless steel with clover detail. It attracts attention with its elegant design and green color detail. While the clover figure is known as a symbol of luck and happiness, gold-plated details add elegance. Perfect for daily use, this necklace also complements your style on special occasions.

Product Name: VC Black Necklace
Material: Stainless steel, gold plated
Design: Clover detail
Suitability: Suitable for all ages and all styles
Usage Area: Daily use, special events
Color: Gold and green
Durability: Stainless steel material, long-lasting use
Size: Standard size
Maintenance: Can be cleaned by wiping with a clean and dry cloth
VC Green Necklace offers an elegant look with its clover figure and gold-plated details. It stands out with its stainless steel material and green color detail. This necklace is suitable for both daily use and is a perfect option to complement your style on special occasions.

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