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VC Yonca Küpe

VC Yonca Küpe

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VC Earrings - Stylish and Eye-Catching Clover Earrings

VC Earrings is an elegant and eye-catching earring model with a pendant design and a mix of gold and black color options. It attracts attention with its clover detail. Both gold and black color options suit different combinations and styles.

Product Name: VC Earrings
Material: Metal alloy
Design: Dangle clover detailed earrings
Color Options: Gold, black
Suitability: Suitable for all ages and all styles
Usage Area: Daily use, special events
Durability: Metal alloy, long-lasting use
Size: Standard size
Maintenance: Can be cleaned by wiping with a clean and dry cloth
VC Earrings are an eye-catching accessory that will complete any combination with their stylish and dangling design. Both gold and black color options offer users a wide choice of styles. These earrings can be worn on any occasion, from everyday wear to special events, and will always add elegance.

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